Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message. is a secure online registry service. Clients from around the world can register the names of insurance companies which they have policies with. They can also register the location of other assets. is a Consumer Protection Service formed in response to the problem of unclaimed death benefits.’s primary objective is to assist beneficiaries to be proactive in searching for their loved ones life insurance policies.
When a client registers with, they provide: E-mail address Full name The last four digits of his/her Government Issued Personal Identification Number (e.g. Social Security number (U.S.) or Social Insurance number (Canada)) His/her birth date Company name of life insurance A beneficiary can then search's database for the information you entered.
No, one registration per e-mail address for security reasons. This prevents someone you do not know from logging into your members section.
All types of insurance accounts; e.g. Bank Life Insurance, Credit Card(Accidental Death Life Insurance), Death Benefits from Health Insurance plans, Group Life Insurance, Burial Life Insurance, Individual Life Insurance, Accidental Death Life Insurance, Safe Deposit Boxes, Storage Units, Annuities, Long Term Care Policies, Brokerage Accounts, and/or Pension Plan Locations.
Information is secured due to the fact that does not ask for full Social Security Numbers or Social Insurance Numbers, account information, or account balances. The two institutions that you deal with when purchasing Life Insurance are insurance companies and banks. With only a company name, a thief cannot penetrate these two institutions without proper identification. In other words, any information to be gained by breaching FYP’s security would be useless for purposes of identity theft or other types of theft or fraud. No one can steal your life insurance. The beneficiary of a life insurance policy is the only irrevocable judgment a court cannot reverse.
This is a onetime non-refundable fee of 19.95 US, where a portion goes towards cancer research and the fee keeps our service free for registrations. If the person you are looking for is not on our database, we do supply you with an e-page that has 17 steps to assist you further in your search. (Things that you can do on your own.) We also give you the names of the top 100 life insurance companies along with a link to their phone numbers. We include 8 steps to assist you when approaching the life insurance companies.